Saturday, November 1, 2014

Medicals and Eating and Eating and Eating

(In the hotel elevator).  Today was the medical exam day. It has moved into a new building and was MUCH more thorough than the ones in the past. At Andy's 4 doctors took him in a room with glass windows, felt his head, shrugged their shoulders and never commented on the Obvious problem that was not described in his medical file from the orphanage. A couple of the kids in the past were told what the letters were on the eye chart so they could pass (Andy and Rosie).  William was treated very differently. After he couldn't pass the eye test on the first round they sent him on to a real eye doctor with real eye equipment.  The end result is that he has no vision at all in one eye. None. And very very poor distance vision in the other. So some of his scowling is actually squinting. (as a child who hated to wear my glasses , I have btdt). I already have an eye appointment for him the week after we get home. I will make a huge difference in his life.

Our room on the 12th floor is equipped with two of these. :/

Much of what we do here revolves around eating. All our breakfasts are at the hotel and they are amazing with chefs to cook your eggs or noodles just the way you want them, and a multitude of hot and cold dishes to please the American , Chinese, or European palate. So twice a day, for lunch and dinner we have to either find a place to eat in the nearby neighborhood or go to a convenience store to buy noodle bowls and snacks for the room.  Everyone who knows me knows that God's plan for us to eat 3 times a day is sometimes wearying to me. And usually when we travel Jerry and I are happy to cut this down to twice, but kids pretty much expect to eat 3 times every day. If I had to stay here much longer, i woould have to buy two seats on the plane to fit (as the guy I was sitting next to on my flight to Shanghai should have done.)  This is what lunch and dinner looked like today.

Lunch at the Hong Kong Bistro behind the Garden was delicious. As usual Peter chose rice and Will chose noodles, although I have no idea what was floating in William's bowl. (Aside - Will just came in the room and offered me an oreo from the snack we bought earlier. sweet.)

Our guide told us our group dinner would be at a Mexican restaurant (Not my choice and way too expensive - of course, we didn't have to go but wanted to spend time with the others in our group and their adorable babies).  I suggested smoothies to the boys ( banana for Will strawberry for Peter). They were a hit !

I taught them to play  the making boxes on the dot grid game and it was a success for passing time while waiting for food - an improvement over kindle games.

This is part of our group at dinner.

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