Friday, October 31, 2014

Nestorian Stele and on to Guangzhou

After a wild goose chase to the wrong museum yesterday, where we tried getting a taxi back to the hotel for almost an hour and finally got in a unlicensed car hoping she wouldn't take us around the corner and cut us to pieces for our passports and credit cards, no, she didn't and,yes I do occasionally have an overactive imagination) we found out that what we were looking for was in walking distance of our hotel.  Here it is - a stele (which means a rock with writing engraved on it) and The Forest of Stele Museum  has many of them.  The one we were looking for was engraved in 600 something AD and tells of the coming and life of the first missionaries to China.  They are a branch of Christians called Nestorians who brought the gospel from Persia.  If you want to know more or about Christianity in general in China read David Aikman's book Jesus in Beijing.  Which I have heard caused a bit of a sensation when he wrote it because he revealed so much about the house church movement.

It was a fun day with the boys even though being dragged around to museums is not their very favorite thing to do.  We balanced it with watching Lego movies on Netflix.  Yay for vpns, which give us access to American freedoms.

William has not totally embraced the smile for the camera thing.  Instead of saying 'say cheese' Chinese say 'say eggplant' Chinese, of course.

The flight to Guangzhou was uneventful, or at least that is how it felt on Xanax.  My friend Brittany thought it was a bit turbulent, But she was further back in the plane with a 2 year old in her lap without the benefit of X.  Sometimes, I think I would be willing to fly some where just for the fun of it.  But then I get home and no place really seems more fun. I have a great life.

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