Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Warmer Than Sweater Weather

Today was a beautiful autumn day, just a bit warmer than sweater weather,  which diminished the sadness of having to empty the pool and put the filter away.  I told Dominic to get one of the boys to help him with it. He chose William, who seemed very happy to help.  Will is younger but taller than Simon, Jed and Andy and he is more assertive than any of them.  It will be interesting to see where he falls in the pecking order.
  I included him in our math class today (Teaching Textbooks , a computer program that I do with all of them except Dominic on  tv, with worksheets) and even though he couldn't read the word problems and probably couldn't understand most of the words in the lecture, he was first to get many of the answers.              When the others chose to play outside today, Peter and Ric chose the Lego room.  Jed was just passing through.

Simon spends hours and hours every day with the chickens. He gets up at the crack of dawn in the morning and spends an hour or more with them and bring in the eggs before school starts.  In the afternoons, he goes back out to feed them and work on the fenced area, or their house, or nest area while they range free (or is it free range ?).  Honestly, I have never even walked down there to see what he is doing.  I am not exactly an animal person. I like my kids to have pets but I don't want to have to touch them.

Nellie was inside using this hairbrush as a microphone to practice her singing. I hear we may have some really cold weather approaching so tomorrow we will all get out and enjoy these last few days of fall. 

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