Tuesday, November 4, 2014

US Consulate Day

Today we went to the US Consulate to hand over our final bit of paperwork. We swore an oath saying it was all truthful and the boys were asked if they knew they were going to America and if they wanted to go. There were lots of smiles from everyone.  What you cannot see in the picture is the hundreds of Chinese people outside the consulate, some waiting in line, others sitting on sidewalks and benches, waiting.  Waiting and hoping that they might be one of the lucky ones to get the golden ticket to come to America. Waiting, while we, not because of anything we have done, but by our birthright alone, are ushered past all of them and into the building and to the front of the line.  And they look at our children and they know what is happening. We hear their comments.  They know that our children , too, are now the blessed ones, because they have been adopted into the family, which entitles them to the same rights and privileges as those who are naturally born.   And so is our standing with God. We are the blessed ones. Adopted in.

This is my view from my bedroom this afternoon - a rousing game of UNO.

Tonight we ate dinner on a boat that took us on a cruise down the Pearl River. It is a beautiful ride. William's carsickness seems to have disapated although I am still giving him Dramamine, I don't think he really needs it.  He ate fine and never complained at all on the boat.  There was a juggling show by a clown at the end of the ride which Peter enjoyed thoroughly but I don't think William's eyesight is good enough for him to even have seen it.  I think he will be amazed at all he has missed when he gets some glasses.

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