Thursday, November 6, 2014

Home Sweet Home

We arrived home about 10 tonight, just about 30 hours after we left our hotel in China. It was wonderful to see all the kids again.  Having Chinese speakers already here made everything so much easier for everyone. The boys showed William and Peter where we keep clothes, hang towels and even explained to Will that he can quit washing his clothes in the bathroom sink because we have a washer And a dryer. (Just wait until they see the dishwasher and find out we can drink the water that comes out of the sink.)

They all loved the swords, of course and had fun trying them out. I hope to still be asleep tomorrow morning when my kids have to admit that American breakfasts are very substandard.  None of my kids are very fond of that cardboard tasting stuff that comes in a cardboard box that we call cereal.  Mine usually make themselves either eggs or oatmeal, but even those are a poor substitute for what they have gotten used to.  I will try to make something exciting for lunch to compensate.

We did have two unfortunate occurrences on the way home, both involving Will.  He threw up several times on the 11 hour plane flight and since I wasn't sitting with them, no one thought to ask me for more medicine.  Worse than that is that his suitcase with all his clothes, the helicopter and all the toys and books we bought him in China is missing.  And it was lost on an airline called Juneyao Air which we flew from Guangzhou to Shanghai so although they said they would send it on to Japan, I don't really think they will bother to track us down here in America.  I am soo sad for him about this, but so far he has taken it in stride.  I am not sure he suspects he may never see it again.

I confessed to our travel group that the real reason I came to China was buy squeaky shoes -aren't they cute ?  see the KINEs?

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