Sunday, November 9, 2014

World Adoption Day

As you might suspect, William was unavailable to pose in this World Adoption Day photo because he was sleeping.  But it was only a few hours today, so that was a huge improvement.  When I went upstairs to check on him this morning at 10:00 he was still sleeping. Dominic had told him to get dressed for church but he refused. When I discovered that he had drunk all the water in his water bottle, I quit worrying about him being sick or dehydrated, Jerry and I told him to get  up and get dressed for church.  Jed fixed him another water bottle and a small snack to eat on the way.  As he walked in the building he started to chike like he was going to throw up, but instead of showing him where the bathroom was, I pointed him to the row we would sit in  -  a risky move, but successful !  He stood threw all the singing and dozed only a bit through the sermon.  When he went to the edge of the parking lot to throw up afterward, I ignored it other than to tell him to get in the car because we were leaving.   Afterward, at Dairy Queen we put all the boys together at a table and he ate and we even saw some smiles.  When we returned home, he tried going back up to his bedroom but Jerry told him to come down and help the boys get the playroom ready for our evening home group/Bible Study.  Later in the afternoon when he was falling asleep at the Lego table we told him he could go upstairs and sleep and we would wake him up for dinner.  It took Jerry going up to wake him again, because he apparently doesn't realize yet that a request from one of his siblings, authorized by us, is the same as a request from us.  He will learn.  So, I am feeling a million times better now that I am assured that he is not sick but only jet lagged and miserable, as he has every right to be.

Our granddaughters, Aria and Clara came over to meet their new uncles and receive the gifts we bought them in China.

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