Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Our Last Day in China

I have said this 4 times before, and every time I said it I totally believed it.  We are sorry to be leaving the dear families who have joined us on this part of our journey, especially Blake and Brittany Richey who have been with us for the last two weeks and have watched and helped William change from terrified to excited what is ahead.  They are the ages of our children and have such a heart for orphans. God has blessed their faithfulness with a precious treasure, two year old Emaline.

Today we visited Shamian Island which is now the ghost town of adoptions past.  The US consulate and medical clinic have moved so most of the businesses that catered to adoption families are gone also.  I did manage to find six pairs of squeaky shoes for future granddaughters.

We did not eat at this restaurant although they offered live versions of things like fish and turtles and snakes. I guess people who eat these sorts of things like them to be fresh.

Instead we ate at a more mundane Chinese restaurant with incense and statues of Buddha where the boys and I could get variations of Fried Rice/Noodles and Jerry could get ice cream.  Today his came with a real orchid as a garnish.  Things are very different here.


  1. I have enjoyed reading your journey's- We are in process for 2 girls from Nanjing- Both are currently 9 years old (I have an 8 year old from Nanjing also)- So I love watching what is happening with older child adoptions! Bless you and your family!

  2. a quote we heard of the Cantonese" Eat everything with four legs, but a table. Eat everything with two wings, but an airplane."