Saturday, November 15, 2014

Life in America

This is the banner the kids made for us while we were gone. They are so sweet.

Praying with Jerry before bedtime. At the moment Jerry and Dominic are reffing soccer games in Charlotte and took Jed with them.  Without D and J, Will and Peter have had to learn some new skills.   Yesterday Simon showed Will how to use the microwave for breakfast, because in the past D and J  have been cooking for them.  Today, as we were running out the door for lunch and, I saw that Will's pants were way above his ankles again. When I sent him upstairs to change, I wasn't sure he would be able to figure out what to change into because I think Dominic has been telling him what to wear. He came down wearing some new pants I just bought for church.   Early next week I hope to sort through all the boys winter clothes again and give them better directions about what should be worn when.  Children from orphanages have never had more than two outfits at a time in their lives, perhaps only one.  Boys especially do not always adjust easily to the American custom of having so much stuff , at least where clothes are involved.  

After lunch we went over the mountain to order Will's glasses, but somehow United Healthcare didn't put the boys on our eye plan yet.  Or something.  When we came home I got my sewing machine out and Will and Peter both watched intently for about 20 minutes.  As I was only turning a hem under on some fabric for a Thanksgiving tablecloth, there wasn't much to see but they seemed pretty impressed.
Dominic designed, ordered and bought a cake for my birthday and Katrina made one from scratch and brought it from Asheville.  Jerry tried explaining to Will and Peter that birthdays are a very frequent occurrence during certain months of the year (like July) but that only Kathryn's is between now and Jesus's birthday.

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