Thursday, December 11, 2014

Babyland General Hospital (home of Cabbage Patch kids)

We had a girls day yesterday, visiting Babyland General Hospital (just a bit north of Atlanta) so that Clara and Aria could could adopt children for Christmas.

After watching the birth of a new baby from the cabbage patch, the girls watched while the nurse checked his heart and gave him some shots.

Then the girls had a chance to hold this brand new baby.

The hospital is filled with many children available for adoption and all of them are permitted to be loved during the visit.

Clara made her mind up early, and although she listened patiently to her mother's advice to consider other options, she firmly rejected every other potential candidate and took home baby Elizabeth. 

As other adoptive moms understand, sometimes you just 'know' when a child is yours.

Aria briefly considered many orphans before disrobing Solomon and beginning to fix dinner.  

I am afraid I may have secured his rejection when I suggested that a purple bottle for him might not be a good idea.

After her mom took her on 'one last look around' at the other children, Aria chose Rosita Grace and happily received her adoption papers.


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