Saturday, October 25, 2014

Xian !

We have arrived in one of our favorite places in China and this time we are staying at a hotel, which although isn't as plush as others we have stayed at (Jerry was moaning about no sushi at breakfast) it is in a fascinating area with historical places (like the Bell Tower and the Drum Tower) and tons of shopping, including the exotic sights and smells of the Muslim District.  This morning I sharpened my bargaining skills, walking away from several suitcases that were originally priced at 360 until I found the one I wanted and got it for 200.    Most negotiations are done on a calculator with them typing in a number first and me saying too high and them asking what I would pay and trying to come to a number in the middle.  Then I ask Jerry to come over and he tries his newly acquired and fairly rudimentary Chinese skills on them while he is paying.  Meanwhile I move on to the next place.

It was nice to have the suitcase to hold the other treasures I found. You can see Jerry a few people behind Peter here.
Jerry was fascinated watching a fellow power worker splicing together these electrical wires. Peter, not so much.

The weather is much warmer here than I was expecting, I thought this far north might be a bit chilly, but I could almost have still worn summer clothes.

Peter continues to be a totally smiley easy going child.  When asked if he wanted to buy anything he chose a pack of cards with Plants and Zombies on the fronts.  I later suggested a sword and he was delighted.  We bought 3 because I know a few boys at home who like them , too.

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