Tuesday, October 28, 2014


This is taken last night on the steps of our hotel.

This is taken this morning, as we arrived to tour The Wild Goose Pagoda (although actually we did not even get near the actual pagoda which Jerry and the boys loved climbing last time, but our guide said she didn't have tickets for it and instead we just toured the Buddhist temple area).  As you see, Will is about the same.  He has vomited several times yesterday and today, which he ascribes to car sickness, but I have never heard of car sickness lingering 6  hours after a car ride.

Peter continues to be great , contrary to all my expectations !   Some of the adoption material we read said it is always the second child who does badly, which is exactly what we have experienced, but I cannot come up with a reason for it. Our expectation was for Peter to be difficult and Will to be an easy going breeze, as we have video of him promising the parents he said he longed for what a great kid he would be.  Instead he is trying to get our guide to talk us into giving him internet access (it is called qq).  Not a chance, but it is wearying to have to stand against them both.  She also gave us a speech on not letting the kids eat American food as they are not used to it.  Sigh.

This afternoon Jerry and Peter went out to lunch again in the Muslim Market with friends who are here getting an adorable two year old. Will and I stayed in the room and rested, as he was still not feeling well and my stomach is having some issues, also.  It is a dreary rainy day, so a good day for a good book.  Will has played some and sat some but cannot be persuaded to lay down in bed.

While our guide was telling us about all the different Buddhas people pray to - one for wealth,one for wisdom, one for health - I asked her if people think that Buddha is still alive ?   She laughed and said No, of course not.  We saw people bowing down to a statue of a man who is dead.  I am glad that the God that we serve is Alive and can hear us when we call upon His Name.


  1. we are praying for you and Will to feel better. (((hugs)))

  2. with all the mc ds, kfcs, and esp 7-11s...not sure the thought on different kinds of food. Our son loved hamburgers and our daughter loved pizza. Hopefully your GZ guide will be a little more supportive as you begin this new journey together. Just a note, if he has a patch for car sickness, that might still be on him. Our daughter had one behind her ear and one on her stomach for car sickness and we were told to take them off after a few hours. Just something to check. praying for you and your boys as a parent who adopted two older children in one year, two separate trips.