Monday, October 27, 2014

Wiliiam said yes.

I say this without an exclamation point because things are still a bit tenuous here.  After William said he wanted to be adopted this is the persona we saw during the rest of our several hours of paperwork. He is with Jerry and his orphanage director here, who ar helping Jerry with his Chinese.

This, however, is the persona we see in the room. He threw up after we arrived back at the hotel and after a rest we walked to the Muslim Quarter for lunch where he refused to eat anything.  Back in the room he wailed inconsolably for nearly an hour.  We have tried on Skype to help him make phone calls, but so far no on e has answered.

Meanwhile.Peter is a joy ! I would have Never expected it to turn our this way, as he was so very reserved last summer.

We bought both boys helicopters in the Muslim Quarter and Peter is playing with it and his other toys.  Will helped him put it together and that was the first conversation the two of them have had.  Small beginnings.

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