Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Trip to the Park -Kong Zu

This morning we made a brief trip to the notary's office where we were asked if we still wanted to adopt Peter.  (Let's see, 9 thousand pages of paperwork, 8 million dollars, 17 months of feeling like part of our family is missing,  traveling half way around the world on that dreaded airplane.......uummmm,  YES.)

Afterward, Mary, our sweet guide took us for a walk in the park.  We saw grandparents walking their grandchildren, people dancing, doing Tai Chi, Kung Fu and playing Kong Zu. Kong Zu is a bit like a yo-yo on a string between two sticks but these guys throw it in the air, twirl it around their bodies and make it look easy.  As we learned, when the master offered to give us a class, it is not.  Peter was by far the most successful of us all, but there are many steps to mastering it.   

Some of us didn't quite get it.

We ended a lovely morning feeding those big fat carp. This afternoon I am hoping for a bit more shopping. ;)

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  1. lol. I hope you have penciled in some time to practice your Kong Zu skills. >.<