Monday, October 20, 2014


William is an unknown.  He is already 13.  That is definitely outside my comfort zone.  And yet, I chose him when I could have chosen many younger children. After our agency agreed to let us adopt two this time I looked at many files.  His was the first that made my heart go pitter-pat.  I told our social worker she probably should have just sent pictures of boys with dimples.  I am a sucker for dimples.  That is the reason we added Jed when we were only planning on getting Simon.

When Will was little he had a large growth called an osteoma on the side of his head.  Or at least that is what his file says it was. I have seen it in pictures - it was very large.  After they removed it his eye/face droops on one side.  We do not know if he has sight in that eye.  
The picture of him with the paper is from a video where he is supposedly reading a letter he wrote to his 'parents to be'.  I hope we are not too far outside his expectations.  

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